JIRA Capture Release Summary

Quick overview of when features were added into JIRA Capture. If you see a feature in our documentation that doesn't appear in the version of JIRA Capture you have installed, this table will tell you which version to update to if you want that feature.

The JIRA Capture Team recommends you update frequently to take advantage of all the new features.

(info) JIRA Capture was named Bonfire prior to JIRA Capture 2.7. The term 'Bonfire' will still be used in release notes for versions 2.6.x and earlier.

VersionFeaturesRelease Notes
  • User Interface Overhaul to improve usability and quality of life.
    • New Session layout and preview
    • New Template layout and preview
    • Full-page view for annotating screenshots.
  • New video recording functionality that allows users to record their microphone and make any annotations while recording.
  • Ability to download screenshots and video recordings.

Jira Capture 2.9.17 Release Notes

  • Brought up to date to the latest Atlassian Design Guidelines which includes:
    • A revamped sidebar
    • A new test session layout
  • A new download button to allow you to download your screenshots
JIRA Capture 2.9 Release Notes
  • Supports JIRA 6, no longer supports JIRA 5
  • IE 10 and 11 supported
  • JIRA Capture is now compatible with JIRA Data Center
JIRA Capture 2.8 Release Notes

Bonfire was renamed to JIRA Capture in 2.7, aligning the add-on more closely with JIRA. Other features include:

  • new "myActiveSession" function — find the issues that are related to your active session
  • upgrade JIRA Capture in Firefox without restarting browser
JIRA Capture 2.7 Release Notes
  • Paste images from the clipboard
  • Annotate any attached image before submitting
  • Annotation font size and line width
  • Comments with attachments
  • View inactive test session details in the browser extensions
  • Complete sessions in the browser extensions
  • Clone test session
Bonfire 2.6.0 Release Notes
  • New top-level Test Sessions page
  • Create, edit and delete test sessions in the browser extensions
  • Alter the list of raised issues in a test session
  • Dashboard gadget
  • Disable auto-collection of environment details
  • New Getting Started and administrator pages
Bonfire 2.5.1 Release Notes
  • GreenHopper details view
  • Contextual view and actions for test sessions
  • Drag + drop of files into Bonfire
  • Renaming of attachments
  • Testing Status Custom Field
  • JIRA 5.1 in-lined styling
  • Bonfire Condition + Validator
Bonfire 2.4.0 Release Notes
  • Multiple screenshots for a single image
  • Non-screenshot file attachments
Bonfire 2.3.1 Release Notes
  • Visibility control in templates
  • Default templates for a session
  • Advance Fields tab
  • Contextual Information on issue creation
  • Invite users to a test session
Bonfire 2.2.1 Release Notes
  • New screenshot annotations "Charcoal"
  • Bonfire web-panel on the view issue page
  • Relate test session to multiple issues
  • 'Raised During' and 'Test Sessions' Custom Field
  • JQL searching for Bonfire Custom Fields
Bonfire 2.1.1 Release Notes
  • Shared Test Sessions
  • Brand new Look and Feel
  • Annotation Colors
Bonfire 2.0 Release Notes