JIRA Capture 2.8 Release Notes

29th of April 2014

The Atlassian team is proud to present JIRA Capture 2.8. For a list of all the major new features added prior to JIRA Capture 2.8, please see the JIRA Capture Release Summary.

Upgrading JIRA Capture?

JIRA Capture 2.8 includes updates to the JIRA server plugin, as well as major updates to client browsers. All browser extensions will need to be upgraded by visiting the "Get JIRA Capture" page from your JIRA instance after the server plugin is upgraded. For more information on upgrades, check out our Capture for JIRA Upgrade Guide.

Updated Internet Explorer support

We've extended JIRA Capture support to Internet Explorer 10 and 11, in both 32 and 64 bit versions. JIRA Capture now supports the full suite of available Internet Explorer browsers available.

There is a known issue when taking screenshots on Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 of a website who's address begins with "https://" (in other words it's a secure session.) For more details and a workaround please see BON-2116 Linked Jira not found

We've also fixed the following bugs:

type key summary

JQL and issue key arguments for this macro require at least one JIRA application link to be configured