Zephyr Enterprise Jira Plugin


Zephyr Enterprise Jira Plugin creates better collaboration and visibility for Zephyr Enterprise users.

The plugin implements and adds two sections to the Jira issue:

  • Zephyr Enterprise Traceability

  • Zephyr Enterprise Feature Content


In order to start working with the plugin, this has to be installed in your Jira instance and configured with your Zephyr Enterprise instance.

More information about the full setup can be found here.


We can control the visibility of the section. By default, the section is visible only for Jira issues for which in Zephyr Enterprise in the section Administration/Project Setup in the “Map external Defect project” field points to the Jira project given issue part.

We call Zephyr every 5 minutes to check if a Jira Project is mapped to Zephyr Enterprise. This may cause some delay for users before the panels disappear or reappear.