Welcome to Zephyr Enterprise

About Zephyr Enterprise

Zephyr Enterprise is the next generation Test Management System from SmartBear.

Taking a realistic approach to how Test/QA Teams work, collaborate and interact with each other and the rest of the world, Zephyr Enterprise brings together a comprehensive set of features, a slick UI and real-time capabilities at a price point that makes it very affordable for all team sizes. Test Engineers designed Zephyr Enterprise based on their multiple years of real world test experience in managing and running large and small test departments.

The Concept

Zephyr Enterprise is based around a concept of Desktops & Dashboards. Every role in a Test/QA Department has a customized web-based Desktop with relevant applications that allow them to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, as they all share data from a centralized Zephyr Server and communicate via a collaborative backbone. Dashboards are automated and live, keeping the whole company updated on every aspect of testing and product quality. The Zephyr Server offers integrations to the Jira defect tracking system. The ZBot, ZIP technologies, and documented APIs allows integration with various automation tools.

The System

Zephyr Enterprise is an on-demand Test Management Platform and is typically available as subscription software and hosted in the cloud or on-premise in your location (i.e. behind your firewall). No hardware or additional software is needed and very minimal (if any) IT Support is required if the cloud deployment option is chose. Either way, the functionality and integrations are the same and a customer can easily move from one deployment mode to another anytime with all their data intact. Typically Test/QA Managers are Administrators of the system.
The client is browser-based and based on an all-new HTML 5 layout. The desktop client gives users the same testing flexibility on any machine - be it in the office, at home, in a lab, or on the road.
All information is stored in a centralized repository and automatically served up to everyone in Dashboards. These Dashboards are accessible by everybody in your company, via a browser. These Dashboards are live and testing data is pushed to them as the testing team goes about doing their daily jobs.


By default, the users of Zephyr Enterprise fall typically in 6 roles: Test Manager, Test Lead, Tester, Defect, Dashboard user, and Project Admin. Custom roles can be defined as needed in the system.

  • Test Managers set up their test resources in the system and assign them to various projects that are being undertaken by the Test Department. Emails are automatically sent to them with information on how to log into their Desktops.
  • Test Leads and Testers now log into Zephyr and are presented with project/release areas with relevant applications to help them effectively and collaboratively do their jobs.
  • Defect users use the Defect Tracking System in their Desktops.
  • Dashboard users are only allowed access to Dashboards.
  • Project Admins can manage project settings as well as groups and users in specific projects.

Roles for Developers, Project Managers, and Business personnel can also be created and allowed access to specific applications thereby allowing them to interact with data.

If you want to empower your skills, check our online learning platform that offers software testing and test management trainings, webinars, workshops, and resources covering Zephyr solutions: SmartBear Academy.

For more information, check out https://smartbear.com/test-management/zephyr/