Zephyr Enterprise Product Development Process and Roadmap

The intent of this page is to provide transparency into our roadmap process for Zephyr Enterprise, including when and how we address feature requests and enhancements, and when to expect fixes for bugs and defects.

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Feature Requests and Roadmap

Bugs and Defects


Our Product Development Process

This section explains how we prioritize and select feature requests for development.

Release Cadence

Our release cadence for Zephyr Enterprise is:

Major Releases

  • Customer bugs

  • Security and performance improvements

  • New features and enhancements

  • Cadence: Approximately every month

Patch Releases

  • Address blocker bugs with no workaround available

  • Cadence: As needed

Process for Bugs and Defects

For filing bugs and defects, please first file a ticket with our support team. Our support team will review the bug and file it internally for our development team: https://support.smartbear.com/zephyr-enterprise/message/

Process for Feature Requests and Enhancements

Filing and upvoting on feature requests

To upvote and file new feature requests, please visit our Feature Request Community portal:

New ideas (feature requests & enhancements) go through the following statuses:

  1. New idea: A customer has submitted a new idea. It is pending review by the Zephyr Enterprise Product team.

  2. Accepted for Discussion: The PO has reviewed the idea and decided to discuss its implementation with R&D.

  3. Selected for Development: The PO has discussed the idea with R&D. They made a decision to implement it.

  4. Postponed: The PO has reviewed the idea but postponed it for future implementation. No discussion is required at the moment.

  5. Implemented: The idea has been implemented.

  6. Deferred to Support: The idea has been marked as a defect and sent to the Support team for further process.

  7. Community Feedback Requested: The PO has reviewed the idea and wants to get more information, votes, or comments from the community.

How we select feature request?

Our new feature development bandwidth is made up of features in the following buckets:

  1. Most voted features from our Feature Request Community page

  2. Features aligned to our roadmap themes: Automation, BDD support, and Quality Intelligence (Reporting)

  3. Special needs of our customers