Zephyr Test Automation


In Zephyr, you can automate your test cases to speed up the testing process, avoid human errors and increase the efficiency of test management. You can easily update the status of your tests in automatic mode using information provided by the supported test automation tools, such as TestComplete, SoapUI, and others.

To automate your test cases, you can either use API operations, or Zephyr Vortex, which is a set of means that allow you to create various automation jobs that will automate your test cases.

Vortex jobs use ZBot, which is a software agent that connects Zephyr with test automation tools, so, you will need to download and run it on the machine where you will execute your tests.

For complete information on how to automate your test cases, see the topics of this section.

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Automation Rest API

Zephyr Vortex

Vortex Job Execution Events

ZBot Overview

Updating Automation Execution Results with ZBots

Integration with TestComplete

Parser Templates

Zephyr Enterprise Continuous Integration

Zephyr Enterprise Test Management Add-on for Bamboo

Zephyr Enterprise Test Management Plugin for Jenkins