Zephyr Vortex

Why automate test cases?

In Zephyr, you can automate your test cases to speed up the testing process, avoid human errors and increase the efficiency of test management. You can easily update the status of your tests in automatic mode using information provided by the supported test automation tools, such as TestComplete, SoapUI, and others. All this is done via Zephyr Vortex.

What is Vortex?

Zephyr Vortex is a set of means that allow you to create various automation jobs for automating your test cases. You create a job in Vortex, and then execute it to automate your test cases. The way you do this depends on the type of your Vortex job. You can create three types of jobs:

  • Script Automation - a job of this type triggers a automation script that retrieves data from the specified test automation tool through a software agent (see below) and passes it to Zephyr.

  • Suite Automation - when you execute a job of this type, it creates test cases in Zephyr, then they are scheduled and executed according to the test report received from the test automation tool.

  • Folder Watcher - when you run a job of this type, it starts watching the specified result folder, and if some report file is generated in it, it will take that file and post the results to Zephyr.

Create a job

Before creating a Vortex job, you need to download ZBot, which is a software agent that connects Zephyr with test automation tools, and run it on the machine where you will execute your tests in the test automation tool being used.

To learn how to create Vortex jobs, click the links below:

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