Folder Watcher


Folder Watcher jobs are similar to Suite Automation ones. The difference is that when creating a Folder Watcher job, you specify a sleepover period (for example, 2 minutes) after which the Folder Watcher job will watch the result folder, and if some report file appears in it, it will take that file and post the results to Zephyr.

Create a job

To create a Folder Watcher job:

1. Switch to the Vortex > Folder Watcher tab and click the “+“ icon:

2. In the Folder Watcher Job Creation form, populate all the highlighted (required) fields and click Add:

The Folder Watcher Job Creation form has the following fields:

Field name


Job Name (required)

The name of your suite automation job.

Job Description

The description of your job.

Automation Framework

Select the test automation you are using. Possible values:

  • SoapUI PRO

  • TestComplete

  • Cucumber

  • JUnit

  • Selenium

  • TestNG

  • Tricentis Tosca

  • UFT

  • Eggplant

Create Package

Select the check box if you are using the Selenium automation framework.

Sleepover Period (required)


The time interval between checking for changes (in minutes).

Folder Path (required)


The path to the folder where the results will appear.

Zbot (required)

The Zbot you will use to execute the test cases.

Cycle Name (required)

The name of the cycle that will be created. Here you can decide whether you want to reuse the same test cycle for all the automation runs or create a new test cycle every time the automation job is run (you can include a timestamp in the test cycle as well).

Folder in Test Repository for Test Cases (required)

The rest repository folder where the created test cases will be stored.

Assign Executions To

The Zephyr user to assign the executions to.

Cycle Start Date (required)

The test cycle start date.

Cycle End Date (required)

The test cycle end date.

After creating a Folder Watcher job, you can start watching the specified folder to automate your test cases.

Start watching the folder

To start watching the specified folder, click the “play” button in the Action column. The “pause” button pauses the action:

When a job is running, it keeps on watching the specified folder in specified time intervals. Once a test report appears in the folder and the job run is completed, Zephyr creates test cases in the Test Repository, creates a cycle for them on the Test Planning page, and posts the results to the Test Execution page. If there are some failed test cases, they will have attachments:

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