Test Repository


In Zephyr, releases consists of test cases that exist within the system for testing. Users can add nodes/folders in the test repository section to the system which helps to provide a structure for the requirements.


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Test RepositoryA detailed tree structure of test cases that are organized in nodes/folders.
Test CaseSpecification or set of the inputs, executions conditions, testing procedure, and expected results that define a single test to be executed to ensure the feature/function is working as intended.
NodeNode are essentially folders that are used to help structure and organize requirements.

Search and Folder View Toggle

By default, you will enter the Test Repository tool in the Folder view. This view includes the local tree and contents, filter, add and bulk options, and detail and list view toggle.

Switching to Search will change the view to the search window for the Test Repository tool. From this view you will be able to search all your test cases across the currently selected release or in the global tree.

Detail and List View Toggle

A user can freely toggle between the Detail and List view. The list view is default and contains the local tree, test case list, and test case details. Switching to the detail view will give a user more room to edit test cases while reduce the test case list to the left and removing the local tree entirely from view.