Zephyr exposes its data via Web Services Application Programming Interfaces (API) which allows you to build your own integrations with Zephyr.
The Zephyr Web Services APIs provide the ability for you to integrate Zephyr services into your application.

  • An example of the usage of Zephyr APIs is to create a test case in a separate tool/system and add it to the Zephyr test case repository or create an execution cycle and update the status of a test case execution run.

API Capabilities

  • Get information about users, projects, releases, testcase repositories and the underlying folders, testcases, custom fields, execution cycles
  • Create new testcase folders, testcases, requirements, execution cycles, execution phases
  • Add/modify/delete attachments and phases to existing execution cycles
  • Assign test execution schedules
  • Update testcases, testcase execution status

Learn about how you can integrate Zephyr Services into your application. Check out the tools, sample scripts, detailed API documentation and share with a community of like-minded developers.

For more details, go to: Developer Zone