Editing a Test Case

Editing Test Cases

Prior to Editing Test Cases

Prior to editing a test case, there must be an existing project, release, and test case that has been created in Zephyr. The project/release must be selected and the user must be under the Test Repository section within the release selected. 

Scenario: You are a testing manager in Zephyr. As a testing manager, you want to edit an existing test case.

If this is your first time managing test cases, you might want to work within a test project rather than an actual project in the system, and that way, you can work out any issues you might have with managing test cases before you work with live test cases.

1. Simply click on the individual test case that you want to edit in the table.

2. You can change any of the fields once you click on the existing test case.

  • Feel free to change the fields that you want to edit/change.
  • Name - The name given to distinguish a test case in the system.
    • By default, the title of the test case will be labeled as "Untitled" until changed.
  • Alt ID - ID given if the test case is linked/imported from JIRA.
  • Priority - The urgency used to define a test case.
  • Tags - A label attached to a test case.
  • DescriptionA written representation to help provide an explanation for the test case.
  • Comment - Any additional information provided to help clearly understand the test case.
  • Mapping Requirement - Linking a requirement to the test case to build traceability between a requirement and test case.
  • Test Steps - Informative steps used to define the executed steps involved, the data required to replicate the steps and the expected results involved for each step.
    • Detailed information about a test case can be added as test steps, appropriate test data and expected results for that step. Data can be entered in multiple ways here:
      • In a test case, clicking on any field of any step will enter edit mode for that step field
      • An empty row with three columns will always appear at the bottom of the test case steps. Enter data in these columns and click the + button on the right to add the step. Click Save to submit all steps to the test case.
      • Saved steps will have a cog button on the right, you can Delete steps from this menu.
  • Automation - A file that can be attached to a test case to help define/describe the requirement. (images, docs, etc.)
  • Test Details - Any additional fields that can be filled out if previous test detail fields were customized in the administration page.
  • Attachments - Any file(s) used to assists in defining the test case.

Quick Tip

  • Once you edit or change a field, Zephyr will automatically save your change.
  • When editing test steps:
    • You can use the "tab" shortcut on your keyboard to move to the next field.
    • You can press the "esc" shortcut on your keyboard to delete anything that is typed in the current field.
    • You have the ability to reorder the test steps to your liking as well.

3. Click on the  icon to view the list of test cases.

  • You can also click the up arrow to view the previous test case in the list
  • You can also click the down arrow to view the next test case in the list

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