Test Execution


In Zephyr, test cases are executed in the testing execution section. Users can execute test cases in the test execution section of the system which helps to provide and define the series of tests to be executed. 


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Test ExecutionThe method of executing test cases and updating the status of those assigned test cases.
Manual Test CaseTest cases that are assigned without an automated script. A generic test case.
StatusThe current state or condition of either the assigned test case or the condition of the test steps for a particular test case.

Once the Test Planning section is set up and the test case assignments are made, the local tree of the Test Execution tool shows the appropriate test cycle, test phases and the corresponding test cases. The user is able to view the two different trees below:

  • My Executions - The tree consisting of the test cases that are assigned to the tester that is logged. This tree view allows the user to view not only the test cases that are assigned to them but can have the option to view the test cases that are assigned to "Anyone".
  • All Executions - Assigned executions assigned to any tester in the project will appear in the All Executions view.