Adding a Folder in Test Repository

Adding Folders

Prior to Adding a Folder

Prior to adding a folder, there must be an existing project and release that has been created in Zephyr. The project/release must be selected and the user must be under the Test Repository section within the release selected. 

Scenario: You are a testing manager in Zephyr. As a testing manager, you want to add a folder in the test repository.

If this is your first time managing test cases, you might want to work within a test project rather than an actual project in the system, and that way, you can work out any issues you might have with managing test cases before you work with live test cases.

1. Click on the  button on the folder that you want to create a folder for.

2. Click on the "Add" button at the top of the list. There are various other options when clicking the  button such as:

  • Add - Creates a sub-folder under the currently selected folder.
  • Rename - Edit the label of the selected test tree folder.
  • Delete - Deletes a folder. Delete will remove the folder completely in both release and global. This action is not reversible.
  • Copy - Select the folder and contents to be copied to a new location.
  • Paste - Copy a previously selected folder.
  • Find and Add - Use ZQL to find tests in the current release and add them to the folder.
  • Export Tests - Create an export of tests in the folder and all sub-folders.
  • Copy from Project Releases - Copy folders or test cases from the global tree.
  • Share from Project Releases - Share folders or test cases from shared only projects within the global tree.

Quick Tip

Hold the Ctrl key down during drag and drop to copy the folder and all its contents

3. Fill in the mandatory fields for creating a folder:

  • Name is a mandatory field while Description is an optional field
  • Name - The name of the folder
  • Description - A body of text describing the  folder

4. After filling in the fields, click on the "Create" Button to finalize any changes and create the  folder. 

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