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Zephyr for Jira (Cloud version) is an application that resides in Jira Cloud as an Add-on and brings test management capabilities to any Jira Cloud project. With the addition of Zephyr for Jira Cloud, tests can be created and viewed in any Jira project, linked to other issues, executed immediately or as part of a test cycle and detailed test metrics can be tracked.

A new top-level "Tests" item is added to the navigation bar in the Jira Workspace allowing the user to create, plan, execute and track their testing. A new Issue Type called "Test" is also created and indicated by this icon: . You can create a test just like any other issue type in Jira but the test has additional fields and capabilities. Like any other issue type, tests belong to a project. They have the same project key and numbering scheme, all the standard components, labels, versions etc. associated with it and can be searched, imported, exported and reported on. In addition, test cycles can be created for each version in a project and these tests can be executed as part of those test cycles or in an ad hoc manner. Tests can be searched for in the Issue Navigator. Test metrics can be tracked per project.

Installation & License

Zephyr for Jira Cloud can be very easily installed via the Administration section of Jira Cloud. Licenses can be obtained from the Atlassian Marketplace.


The Administration section will guide you through some of the Zephyr for Jira Cloud specific areas that can be modified or customized.

User Guide

Zephyr for Jira Cloud allows you to organize, author, manage, search, plan, execute and report on your testing activities for projects that are actively being managed in Jira .

We recommend starting with our Quick Start guide to familiarize yourself with the terminology and test process aspects of Zephyr for Jira Cloud.

Support & Resources

Visit the status page to see the status of Zephyr for Jira Cloud and get updates on planned maintenance.

Have an issue or a bug to report? Have an idea for a new feature? Submit a ticket via our Support Portal!


If you are looking for documentation on Zephyr for Jira Server or Data Center versions (the kind that you install on your own hardware/on-premise/behind your firewall), then go here.