Zbot in a 64-bit Environment

Instructions to use ZBOT in 64 environment (Windows and Unix)

Zip Package - Once unzipped, the following is present in the unzipped folder:

  1. zbot_start / stop shell scripts for unix.
  2. zbot_start batch script for windows.
  3. conf/zbot.properties
  4. zbotsocket/zephyr-socket-@version.jar

All these utilities must be run as root / administrator. Run the sudo commands for root permission.

How to Use

1. Modify conf/zbot.properties to use zephyrServerURL = http://localhost:8081/
2. Modify conf/zbot.properties username

  • zephyr login user name

3. Modify conf/zbot.properties password

  • zephyr login user password in plaintext

4. In windows double click zbot_start batch file to start zbot

  • Once you close the terminal, Zbot will be shut down

This batch file can also be configured as a task using the windows scheduler – steps can found using the following link:

5. On unix ./zbot_start.sh can be use to start the zbot and ./zbot_stop to stop it.