Zephyr Server Installation using Var File

Installation Steps:


1. Download the installer file.

2. Download and install ElasticSearch 5.5.0 in Linux

Configuration file - response.var file
wget https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-5.5.0.rpm → to download elastic search
sudo rpm -ivh elasticsearch-5.5.0.rpm → run this command to install ( It will install elastic search in etc/elasticsearch)
Go to the path /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml (Change the public ip of the machine as per the attached sample file) 
Configuration file - response.var file
To start / stop elasticsearch
go to etc/init.d path → sh elasticsearch start
go to etc/init.d path → sh elasticsearch stop
Configuration file - response.var file
To check if elasticsearch working → launch the browser and hit url :
Note: In the conf use private ip address

Sample elasticsearch.yml file attached:

3. Now, create the response.var file.

Configuration file - response.var file
#install the response file for Zephyr 6.2
choiceInstallDir=/usr/local/zephyr  ------> Give the path where zephyr needs to be Installed
zDBPassWord=ijsduJKUi   --------------------> Give the Mysql password
zDBUserName=root        --------------------> Give Mysql username
zDriverJarFilePath=/home/zephyr/build/mysql-connector-java-5.1.40-bin.jar ---------------> Give ur jar file path
zLicenseFilePath=/home/zephyr/build/license.lic -----> Give license path
zServerPort$Long=80 ---------------> Give the available port
zShutdownPort$Long=8005 ------------> Give the available port
zChooseType$Integer=0  -------------> This value should be 0 for running in Install mode
EsHostWithPort=  -------------> here give public ip address of the elastic search machine where it is installed

4. Now, install Zephyr using the below command:

  • Eg: sh zephyrfilename.sh -q -c -varfile /home/zephyr/build/response.varfile (path of response.varfile)
Command Prompt
sh zephyr_6.2_****_setup_iRev_****.sh -q -c -varfile /home/zephyr/build/response.varfile

5. This will install Zephyr successfully in the /usr/local/zephyr file location.

Sample var file:

Tested with only with MySQL database

Attached sample response for windows embedded and MySQL database:

Windows Embedded MySQL:

Windows MySQL: