What's New in Zephyr Enterprise 8.0.1

May 10, 2024


Use Zephyr Enterprise 8.0.1 to experience the latest improvements.


  • We have introduced a new webhook service that enhances ZE scalability, which is optional with this release. More information will be available in the public documentation after the release.

  • Zephyr Enterprise will discontinue support for the Oracle 12c starting from the next release, which is v8.1.0 (July 2024).

  • For the next Zephyr Enterprise release, v8.1.0 (July 2024), upgrading from Java 8 to Java 17 is required.

  • We will discontinue supporting CentOS 7 starting from the next release, which is v8.1.0 (July 2024).


  • Introduced the feature of search and mapping from the Test Repository and Requirements module.

  • Implemented the “Call to Test” feature, empowering users with the ability to insert one test case into another to save time and maintain consistency.

  • Implemented measures aligning with data protection regulations, fostering trust and security. Incorporated feature that allows Administrators to delete inactive users within the system click here.

  • Integrated Webhook Services, enabling seamless communication with Jira for real-time updates and support scalability.

  • Implemented the ability to disable Jira sync, allowing greater control over data exchange and minimizing potential conflicts in integrated workflows.

  • Enhanced manual JIRA sync functionality ensuring all relevant information is synchronized accurately, enhancing data consistency across platforms.


  • Fixed the issue where the Preference API was not being called to save picklist selections. (ZEPHYR-37708)

  • Fixed the issue where the executed_by and version_id columns are null in the release_test_schedule table when copying the existing phase in a new cycle. (ZEPHYR-37397)

  • Fixed the issue where the same Testcase Version ID and Testcase are populating into the test_step_version table. (ZEPHYR-34885)

  • Fixed the issue where duplicate requirements were being created in Jira Sync. (ZEPHYR-35102)

  • Fixed the issue where the UI and export features were ignoring the selected date range. (ZEPHYR-35633)

  • Fixed the issue where importing test cases from Excel with an empty row would erroneously import only one test case. (ZEPHYR-35383)

  • Fixed the issue where deleting the requirement tree API caused a data corruption issue. (ZEPHYR-36567)

  • Fixed the issue where POST /services/rest/v3/execution/teststepresult/saveorupdate was introducing data inconsistency. (ZEPHYR-36550)

  • Fixed the issue where users were unable to add more than 10 testcases to FFP using the Search-> SelectALL option.

  • Fixed the issue where Picklist and Text(1024) type Testcase custom field values were getting duplicated. (ZEPHYR-37189)

  • Fixed the issue where previous/past timestamp values were added using attachments API. (ZEPHYR – 36189)

  • Fixed the issue where the Planned vs. Executed Graph's starting point was displayed one day before the start date of the chosen cycle. (ZEPHYR-37698)

  • Sorted the audit log order which was not working. (ZEPHYR-37685)

  • Fixed the issue where Jira sync requirements were being deleted from Zephyr if the defect user lacked permission for the linked Jira requirement. (ZEPHYR-34579)

  • Fixed the API issue when there were duplicate entries in test_step_result table for column test_step_id and release_test_schedule_id combined. (ZEPHYR-37628)

  • Fixed the issue where test cases were generated using an API with a user ID that was not listed in the "users" table. (ZEPHYR-37398)

  • Fixed the issue where running API automation was changing the Date of all other phases. (ZEPHYR-37415)

  • Removed the Sprint field feature for the sub-task-related issues in the Zephyr edit section. (ZEPHYR-37555)

  • Fixed the issue where the Plan Vs Executed Gadget was displaying the wrong planned testscase count. (ZEPHYR-35541)

  • Fixed the issue where the "Executed by" field on the test case page displayed the username instead of the first and last name. (ZEPHYR-376920)

  • Fixed the issue where incorrect test case status was getting updated if all steps were skipped (unexecuted) when running tests using Vortex Suite Automation. (ZEPHYR-37577)

  • Fixed the issue where the Execution Change History Grid for the test case under Test Execution was not visible while copy-pasting phase from one cycle to another. (ZEPHYR-37361)

  • Fixed the issue where the test case "Description" field was displaying the broken attachments. (ZEPHYR-38385)

  • Fixed the issue where the Audit Log was getting corrupted when there was a pipe (|) symbol in the input data. (ZEPHYR-38346)

  • Fixed the issue where while exporting audit logs, the created_on column displayed the timestamp format instead of the date format (DoD). (ZEPHYR-38498)

  • Fixed the issue when multiple jobs from different projects were scheduled simultaneously, one job was overriding another, leaving the overridden job's status as 'in progress' in the database, while the overriding job's status was updated to 'completed' or 'failed' accordingly. (ZEPHYR-38502)

  • Fixed the issue where case-sensitive automation cycle names were causing the automation jobs to fail. (ZEPHYR-38586)

  • Improved the performance where the object in the memory was not getting free. (ZEPHYR-38617)

  • Fixed the issue where the users were not able to bulk update the testcases with custom field values. (ZEPHYR-38504)

  • Improved the performance of the vortex page, which was experiencing slow loading times. (ZEPHYR-38516)

  • Improved system performance by addressing the high CPU usage caused by release creation or updates. (ZEPHYR-38527)