What's New in Zephyr Enterprise 7.21.0

January 31, 2024


Use Zephyr Enterprise 7.21.0 to experience the latest improvements.


  • Support for the Remote link is removed, and the users must start using the ZE Jira Plugin to see the traceability in Jira.

  • With Zephyr Enterprise v7.21.0 it is recommended to use:

    o   MySQL 8.0.35 and above.

    o   Elasticsearch v8.6.2 only.


  • Supports OAuth 2.0 for the Jira integration.

  • Show the Execution ID in the Grid of “Test Execution.”

  • Edit/Map/Delete the test case from the Search.

  • Show the list of projects assigned via the group in the “User Setup.”

  • Show the list of users in the group in “Project Setup.


  • Fixed the Test Step field, which required multiple clicks to edit. (ZEPHYR-37094)

  • Fixed the numbers overlapping when there are multiple cycles under Test case execution progress. (ZEPHYR-29361)

  • Fixed adding the validation on the move API in Requirement. (ZEPHYR-36729)

  • Fixed an issue where deleting requirement tree sync API caused data corruption issue. (ZEPHYR-36568)

  • Fixed an issue where allocation and de-allocation of Jira sync requirement was occurring from API but not UI, resulting in an orphan requirement issue. (ZEPHYR-36563)

  • Made the API public for the Defect Details. (ZEPHYR-37494)

  • Fixed an issue where the user setup was not showing the assigned projects if the project is assigned to the user via Group. (ZEPHYR-29680)

  • Made the API Public for the: (ZEPHYR-37333)

       I. List of Projects assigned to User

    II. Getting all Project

  • Fixed an issue where the Execution history and Executed on time did not match. (ZEPHYR-37165)

  • Fixed an error where the same test cases were displayed on different pages when the pagination was sorted by Creator. (ZEPHYR-36672)

  • Performance Improvement on the system when the Release is Updated and Created. (ZEPHYR-36574)

  • Fixed an issue where in the list the number custom filed is blank for the value zero. (ZEPHYR-36501)

  • Fixed an issue where we restricted the move of the test case to the folder of another release. (ZEPHYR-36490)

  • Fixed an issue where we restricted the move of the folder from one release to another release. (ZEPHYR-36449)

  • Fixed an issue where custom-filed data is getting duplicated for the same test case. (ZEPHYR-35138)

  • Fixed an error where we see some data loss in the audit log because of a transaction rollback. (ZEPHYR-37549)

  • Fixed an issue where rich text formatting was getting lost when pasting. (ZEPHYR-36844)

  • Fixed the inconsistency in audit logs when project information was displayed. (ZEPHYR-37047)

  • Fixed an issue where "is" and "is not" operators were not working as expected in the test repo/advance search. (ZEPHYR-36963)

  • Fixed the inconsistency in audit logs when the release information was displayed. (ZEPHYR-36810)

  • Fixed the inconsistency in audit log responses. (ZEPHYR-36791)

  • Enabled users who can view a test case in TCE (My and All Execution) should be able to view i’s "Update Defect" screen. (ZEPHYR-37248)

  • Fixed an error where the gadget text was not formatted properly. (ZEPHYR-37587)

  • Fixed an issue where the folder description was getting removed while renaming the tree. (ZEPHYR-37190)

  • Fixed an issue where reports were not coming for the trend chart by the user. (ZEPHYR-37378)

  • Fixed an error where while filtering the test cases based on the user’s status "Unexecuted" shows as 'Not Executed'. (ZEPHYR-24780)

Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 7.21.0

To learn how to upgrade to version 7.21.0, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.