Editing a User

Editing Users

Prior to Editing a User

Prior to editing a user, there must be an existing administrator that has been created in Zephyr. The administrator/system user must be logged in and be under the User Setup section within the administration section.

Scenario: You are a testing manager that has a role of a 'manager' in Zephyr. As a testing manager, you want to edit the information/configure an existing user in the system.

If this is your first time managing users, you might want to work with a test user rather than an actual user in the system, and that way, you can work out any issues you might have with managing users before you work with live users.

1. Click on the individual user that you want to edit.

2. Change/Edit any of the existing fields for the user account. The user account must have the mandatory fields filled out. The mandatory fields are shown with a red bordered text box. 

  • First Name - The first name of the user.
  • Last Name - The last name of the user.
  • User - An individual/person who users or operates functions within Zephyr.
  • Role - A category used to give specific permissions to users in the system. These permissions give users the access and the ability to perform certain tasks throughout the system.
    • Lead - Can have multiple leads per department, responsible for entire projects/releases
    • Tester - Can have multiple testers per department, assigned to projects
    • Dashboard - Can have multiple dashboard users. Users only have access to the dashboards of the projects they are allocated to and these users do not count towards the total license count
    • Manager - Only 1 per department, essentially a manager/administrator
  • Email - The email address of the user.
  • Location - The location of the workplace for the user in the system.

There are also optional fields that can be edited but these fields are not necessary and are there for convenience.

  • Images can be added as a resource. (JPG, GIF, and PNG that do not exceed the 2MB size limit)

When you editing a user, you are able to allocate the user to specific projects to be a part of and work on. Assigning a user to a project allows them to view the individual project and its' contents such as the requirements, test cases, test executions, and etc. 

  • A user can be assigned to multiple projects
  • A user can be assigned to 0 projects

3. After filling in all the mandatory fields, click on the "Save" button to finish making any changes to the user in the system.

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