Adding a Requirement

Adding Requirements

Prior to Adding a Requirement

Prior to adding a requirement, there must be an existing project and release that has been created in Zephyr. The project/release must be selected and the user must be under the Requirements section within the release selected. 

Scenario: You are a testing manager in Zephyr. As a testing manager, you want to add a new requirement to Release 1.0 in project Mercury.

If this is your first time managing requirements, you might want to work within a test project rather than an actual project in the system, and that way, you can work out any issues you might have with managing requirements before you work with live requirements.

1. Click on the "Add" button at the top of the table.

2. You can change any of the fields once you create the new requirement.

  • By default, the title of the requirement will be labeled as "Untitled Requirement" until changed.
  • By default, the description of the requirement will be "requirement details" until changed.


Once you edit or change a field, Zephyr will automatically save your change.

3. After filling in any of the fields, click on the "Save" Button to finalize any changes. 

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