Deleting a Release

Deleting Releases

Prior to Deleting a Release

Prior to deleting a release, there must be an existing project that has been created in Zephyr. The project must be selected and the user must have selected the manage release button explained in the Release Setup section.

Scenario: You are a testing manager that just created a project and you are managing your releases within the project. You currently have 2 releases in the system. As a testing manager, you want to delete an existing release. You will be removing one of the releases from the project.

If this is your first time deleting a release, you might want to create and work in a test project that doesn't affect another project, and work out any issues you might have with deleting a release before you work in a live project. This is important is make sure you are not deleting any important releases from live projects.

1. In 'Manage Release', simply click on the  icon at the right side of the table for the release that you want to delete from the project. 

2. A warning module will pop up asking, "Are you sure you want to delete this?" and then you click the "OK" button.

3. A second module will pop up asking, "This change cannot be rolled back, continue with delete?" and then you click the "Delete" button.

  • You can immediately see that the deleted release is no longer within the project.


Once you delete the release, there is no way of getting the release back. You should be careful with what releases you delete. If you aren't sure that you need the release still, you can go and edit the release to be able to hide it rather than completely removing it from the project.

  • Please refer to Editing a Release for further instructions on how to edit and hide a release.

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