What's New in Zephyr Enterprise 7.14

16 September 2022


  • Zephyr Enterprise Release 7.14 now supports MySql v5.7 and no longer supports MySQL v5.6

  • It is required to upgrade to MySQL 5.7. before upgrading to Zephyr Enterprise 7.14.

  • Zephyr Enterprise would start supporting MySQL 8.0 by Q2-2023.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved Indexing issues where the reindex was not happening for the release having the name in the date format.

  • Resolved missing data issues with Zephyr Defect Search screen when migrating from Jira Server to Jira Cloud 

  • Fixed the issue with API not showing the correct user list while using the hidedisableusers parameter

  • Ability to create defects from ZE based on user permissions for projects within Jira.

  • Resolved issues with multiple selections of test cases using the “Shift” key

  • Searches for tags are no longer case sensitive

  • Addressed the issue for the SSO when the user sets the assertion as “encrypted”


Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 7.14

To learn how to upgrade to version 7.14, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.