Zephyr Permission Scheme

Zephyr for JIRA uses the same users, groups and permissions that are set up in JIRA.

Please refer to the JIRA documentation for details on setting up users, grouping them and the permissions you can set for them.

By default, Zephy Permissions will be enabled on top of the JIRA permissions. Using JIRA's "browse project" permissions, Zephyr permission can be enabled or disabled in Zephyr for JIRA's "General Configuration" page through "Enable Zephyr Permission Scheme" flag. As the Zephyr Permission schema is enabled, a "zephyr-testers" group will be created under the JIRA user groups and the "Project-Role (Zephyr QA)" will be added to all the Zephyr related permissions in the project permission schemes.

Below are the seven permissions that are included (to be broken down into custom roles that can be created later on):

#PermissionsDescriptionDefault Assignee
1Browse Test CycleAbility to browse test cycle. Browse cycle provides user with permissions to browse cycle and executions

within it.

Zephyr QA
2Create Test CycleAbility to create test cycle.Zephyr QA

Create Test Execution

Ability to create test execution.Zephyr QA
4Delete Test CycleAbility to delete test cycle.Zephyr QA
5Delete Test ExecutionAbility to delete test execution assuming the user has access to browse test cycles.Zephyr QA
6Edit Test CycleAbility to edit test cycle.Zephyr QA
7Edit Test ExecutionAbility to edit test execution.Zephyr QA