Group Setup

Groups can be created to allow the grouping of users and other groups.

User groups can contain a list of users that can be used to allocate to specific projects rather than individually assigning a user to a project.

Groups can be manually created in Zephyr and with groups, Zephyr provides additional support to automatically assign users to groups based on Crowd and LDAP group assignments. Zephyr provides an indication to see the difference between a group that was created in Zephyr compared to a group from Crowd or LDAP. 

The groups table has a column to show the number of members in it and by previewing the “Status” column in the groups table, the following statues can be used to view whether the group was created in Zephyr or was pulled externally:

  • Internal – Group created from within Zephyr
  • External – Group that was pulled from Crowd or LDAP

A group can have multiple users. A group can exist without having any assigned users as well. You cannot create duplicate groups in Zephyr. You can disable or enable the groups. When a group is disabled, it will not be displayed in the project setup section when assigning a group to a project. You cannot assign groups to projects in the group setup section. This can only be done in the project setup section. 

If groups are pulled from Crowd or LDAP and there are any modifications made in Crowd or LDAP, Zephyr provides the ability to sync the groups if changes are made from Crowd or LDAP to keep the Zephyr groups up to date.

Syncing external groups is done manually by using the using the sync icon in the “Action” column for the group table.

  1. Simply click on the Sync icon to manually sync and update the groups if there were any changes.