Zephyr Cloud Backups and Restore

Zephyr Cloud Backups and Restore

Zephyr Cloud is a cloud hosted deployment of Zephyr or Zephyr Data Center.

Managing Backups

Cloud data (including attachments) are automatically backed up for you on a daily basis. Please view the below FAQ for Backups:

1. Is there any downtime when the backup is performed?

  • There will be no downtime while a backup is performed. Zephyr will take snapshots of your instance to backup your information.

2. Is it possible to configure the time of when the backup is performed?

  • No, all backups are done by taking snapshots of the instances which are performed at midnight every single day at Pacific Standard Time (PST). These snapshots are kept for 6 months at a time.

3. Is it possible to perform more than 1 backup per day to be able to synchronize with the same backup time as our Jira instance?

  • No, Zephyr's backup policy and time remains the same for all customers. Multiple backups will not be performed to correspond with your Jira instance and Zephyr will not perform any additional backups to match any customer timezone.