6.6.1 Release Notes

February 20, 2020

Release 6.6.1 is a small patch that primarily addresses indexing processing performance.

For the Release 6.6 release notes, please refer to https://zephyrdocs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ZE666/pages/1657241779 .

Table of Contents:

Release Summary

Below is a brief summary of the improvements and changes in 6.6.1.


Internal Jira ID

Summary of Issue in 6.6

Changes in 6.6.1


Internal Jira ID

Summary of Issue in 6.6

Changes in 6.6.1

Indexing processing performance


Slow performance when indexing after creating new folders in Test Planning could take over 30 minutes for some data to display properly. This impacted expanding a test case folder in Test Execution.

Processing speed has been significantly improved to under 30 seconds.

Version increase incorrectly upon copy/move of test folder


For a very specific use-case, if a user both copied and move a test phase folder, the versions of the test cases would be incremented.

Fixed issue so that the version of the test cases do not increment for this use-case.

Zephyr logo incorrect upon upgrade to 6.6


Zephyr logo not properly updated upon upgrade to 6.6 due to browser caching.

Changed logo image name so that browser is forced to clear the cache.

Not able to launch Zephyr in IE in compatibility mode


Not able to launch zephyr in IE browser when it is set to compatibility mode.

Fixed issue.

Upgrading to 6.6.1

For more information on upgrading, please refer to Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.