Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise

Upgrade Zephyr Enterprise Cloud

Upgrade of your Zephyr Enterprise Cloud instance is performed by the Zephyr DevOps team. Rest in peace, our team performs a snapshot of your instance prior to upgrading, so if anything goes wrong we can revert to the previous instance in a few minutes.

To schedule an upgrade, click on the link below to select a convenient date and time slot. Please note that your system will be unavailable during the upgrade procedure.

Upgrade Zephyr Enterprise On-Premise

Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise On-Premise must be completed by your administrator. We recommend taking the following steps:

  • Plan a date and time slot for upgrading the system as the process will require downtime.

  • Have your administrator review all requirements and instructions before proceeding: Zephyr On-Premise Upgrade Instructions.

  • If your administrator has any questions before the upgrade or experiences any issues during or after the upgrade, please submit a ticket to contact our support team.