Creating Defects

Create a New Defect

Prior to Creating a New Defect

Prior to creating a new defect, there must be an existing project in Zephyr. The project must be selected and the user must be under the Defect Tracking section. Also, the user project should be connected to an instance of JIRA. This can be configured in the Project Setup page under the administration section of Zephyr.

Scenario: You are a testing manager in Zephyr. As a testing manager, you want to create a new defect within the system in the defect tracking section of Zephyr. 

1. Click on the  button towards the top right of the defect tracking interface. 

  • A pop-up/modal will appear prompting the user for a project and issue type.

2. Choose a project to create the defect for using the project drop-down list.

3. Choose an issue type for the issue that you are creating by selecting "Bug" in the issue type drop-down list and then click "Next"

4. Fill in the following mandatory fields:

  • Summary and Description
  • Priority - If the priority is not selected for the new defect, the priority will be set to "Medium" by default.

5. Fill in any of the following optional fields for creating a bug if need be:

  • Components, Fixed Version(s), Assignee, Sprint, Labels, Environment, Links, and Affected Versions.

6. Simply click on the "Create" button at the bottom right of the interface.

  • This will create the defect and will refresh the pop-up/modal with the information for the defect.

7. If you scroll to the bottom, you can add any additional attachments that you may see fit for the defect and then click on the "Update" button to finalize creating the new defect.

  • The maximum size limit for attachments is 20MB

Remote Issue Links in JIRA

If the Remote Issue Links configuration has been set up in JIRA Customizations, then a remote link is sent to that particular defect in JIRA indicating that a Zephyr test case has been linked to it. It shows the test case ID, the summary, the test cycle in which it was executed and the status of that test case execution.
This shows up in the "Issue Links" section of that defect in JIRA (see below). Clicking on the test case ID transfers the user back to the test case in Zephyr.

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