Groups & Permissions

Users of the Zephyr Defect Tracking System are grouped into different Groups with control on the permissions of what they can and cannot do. Default groups are 'QA' and 'Guest'.

Default Groups

All the users added in the User Setup section by an administrator/manager and they are automatically in the 'QA' group. Any user can also be changed to the other default group labeled as 'Guest'.


Add, Deleting, and Disabling Groups

Clicking on the add group button '+' allows the creation of a group by entering a Group Name. Various permissions can then be set for this group.

Selecting a group and clicking on Delete remove the selected group and moves all users in that group to the 'Guest' group.

Disabling a group immediately puts all the users assigned to that group into the Disabled Status.


Three types of activities can be allowed or disallowed at a group level. By selecting the check boxes, users of that group can create defects, assign defects or change existing defects.

  • All groups can search and view defects.
  • By default, all of these check boxes are selected for the 'QA' group (full control) and all of them are disabled for the 'Guest' group (view only).