Attaching Screenshots to a new Defect

Attaching Screenshots to a new Defect

Prior to attaching screenshots

Prior to attaching screenshots, the user must have existing screenshots recorded that are in their Zephyr Exploratory instance. The user must be in the Zephyr Exploratory extension and on the Edit Mode page.

Scenario: You are a current user in Zephyr. As a user in the system, you want to be able to attach your edited screenshots with any annotations to a new defect created utilizing the Zephyr Exploratory Tool.

1. In the Edit Mode page, choose the project and release that you want to work in to be able to create a defect and attach your screenshots.

2. Click on the "Submit Defect" button at the top left of the interface. 

  • A pop-up/modal will appear and to create a new defect, click on the "Create Defect" text.

3. Choose a project for the new defect

4. Choose the issue type and select "Bug" as the issue type

5. Fill out the mandatory fields when creating the new defect.

6. Once all mandatory fields are finalized, click the "Create" button at the bottom of the pop-up/modal.

  • This will essentially create the defect but not add any attachments (screenshots) yet.

7. Scroll down and select the screenshots from the list of images that you want to attach.

8. Simply click on the "Upload Screenshots" button to attach the screenshots to the new defect that you just created.

  • Once you click this, all screenshots selected will be attached to the newly created defect

Additional Note

This is an extremely useful feature/function to be able to create defects on the fly and attach any screenshots to provide the maximum amount of efficiency regarding exploratory testing.

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