7.5 Release Notes

October 14, 2021


  • Jira webhook improvements. Zephyr Enterprise uses webhooks to synchronize requirements and defect information from Jira. Starting from this release, administrators can create and manage Jira webhooks manually. This can be useful if you do not have (or do not want to create) a Jira service account with permissions required for automatic webhook management. For more information, see Creating Jira Webhooks.

  • Multi-select custom fields. You can now create custom fields that allow users to select multiple values from a list. Also, starting from version 1.5.9, ALM Migration Wizard can migrate multi-value custom fields from HP ALM.

  • In-app notifications about new releases of Zephyr Enterprise. Administrators can disable or enable release notifications in System Setup > Customizations > Miscellaneous.

  • New API endpoints to import and synchronize user groups from LDAP or Crowd programmatically.

    • Get a list of groups from LDAP or Crowd, optionally filtered by name:

      1 GET http(s)://{ZEPHYR-SERVER}/flex/services/rest/v3/externalGroup/search?name=SEARCH_STRING&pagesize=100
    • Import one or more groups:

      1 2 3 curl -X POST http(s)://{ZEPHYR-SERVER}/flex/services/rest/v3/externalGroup/importGroupsAndUsers \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"names": ["GroupName1", "GroupName2"]}'
    • Synchronize a group:

      1 2 3 curl -X PUT http(s)://{ZEPHYR-SERVER}/flex/services/rest/v3/externalGroup/sync \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"names": ["GroupName"]}'
  • The SMTP password in email server configuration can now be up to 150 characters.

  • Updated the bundled Apache Tomcat server to v. 9.0.52 to resolve a security issue. (ZEPHYR-31934)

  • Performance improvements in the Dashboard, Test Repository, About Zephyr page, when assigning test cases to users, and when users log in.

Discontinued support

Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported by Zephyr Enterprise. Please use Chrome or Firefox to work with Zephyr Enterprise.

Bug fixes

Jira integration

  • We have fixed incorrect synchronization of requirements. (ZEPHYR-32093, ZEPHYR-32116)


  • Test execution reports could be exported longer than expected. (ZEPHYR-31726)

Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 7.5

To learn how to upgrade to version 7.5, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.