6.8.2 Release Notes

November 9, 2020

Zephyr Enterprise 6.8.2 fixes the following bugs reported by our customers:

  • You couldn’t restore a backed up project if a requirement mapped to a test case had been deleted in that project.

  • An error occurred when you tried to back up or restore a project after Zephyr failed to restore the project.

  • The Zephyr test case remote link for a cloned release was not removed from Jira when you deleted the release in Zephyr.

  • The Description field of imported test cases contained wrong data.

  • On the User Setup page, the Assigned Projects section didn’t show projects assigned to the user found through the Search box.

  • On the User Setup page, Zephyr showed an incorrect total number of assigned projects for a user added to a group.

  • Some of our customers couldn’t set roles for assigned projects on the User Setup page for the Test Manager user.

  • The All Projects check box In the Test Case Custom Fields dialog got disabled after you selected it and saved the changes.

  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred during project reindexing.

  • Fixed a performance issue where the Zephyr service could use a lot of memory and system resources.

  • Fixed performance issues some users experienced when loading the Login, Test Execution, Test Repository, and Test Planning pages.

  • After upgrading from version 6.6.5 to version 6.8.1, you couldn’t synchronize LDAP users unless you used Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Sometimes, you couldn't update an existing test case.

  • You couldn’t import user groups if you used Okta for LDAP authentication.

Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 6.8.2

To learn how to upgrade to version 6.8.2, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.

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