6.8 Release Notes

September 3, 2020

Major Features and Enhancements

  • Project Administrator role. This new role can be given to users for a specific project, allowing those users to manage all project settings as well as groups and user management for those projects.

  • Administration usability improvements. We’ve made some improvements to make it easier to manage users, groups, and projects. This includes adding more information in the User Setup, Group Setup, and Project Setup pages to understand which groups and users are assigned to which projects, usability improvements to add users to projects easier, extra info (username) next to user to differentiate users with the same name, and improved audit log messaging.

  • Project-based ALM Selection. Improvement to allow selecting how to manage Requirements and Defects (using internal capabilities or Jira) on a per-project basis. Includes the ability to block creating internal requirements when Jira is selected as the source of requirements for a particular project.

  • Automation parser: Ability to parse test case tags from automation results XML files.

  • Support for OpenJDK 8. Zephyr Enterprise can now run on OpenJDK 8.

Other Features and Enhancements

  • Performance improvements.

  • Diagnostics tool to download a ZIP file with all system logs and configurations, which can be provided to the SmartBear support team for faster issue resolutions.

  • Jira diagnostics to confirm that the Jira integration is properly set up.

  • New version of the Bamboo plugin to accept API tokens.

  • UI updates in Vortex and Reports modules to match the new SmartBear theme.

  • Compatibility with Elasticsearch versions 6.8.2–6.8.11 (in addition to the previously supported v. 6.8.1).

  • The maximum length of all values in a custom picklist field has been increased from 4000 characters to 65536 characters.

  • Improved audit log messages.

Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 6.8

To learn how to upgrade to version 6.8, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed a number of bugs reported by our customers.