7.3 Release Notes

July 30, 2021

Version 7.3 contains performance improvements and bug fixes.

Bug fixes


  • API tokens were visible in Zephyr server logs. (ZEPHYR-31615)


  • The "File New Defect" dialog could hang if Jira integration was used. (ZEPHYR-31658)

  • Fixed high CPU usage and slow response times during concurrent user logins.

  • Fixed an issue with the re-indexing of test cases. (ZEPHYR-31821)

  • Fixed a performance issue on the Project Summary page. (ZEPHYR-31503)


  • The upgrade could not complete and was rolled back if the database connector JAR file specified in jdbc.properties was not found. Now the upgrade will proceed and prompt the user to locate and copy the connector JAR manually. (ZEPHYR-31628)


  • Some projects could not be assigned to users via User Setup. (ZEPHYR-31788)

  • Navigation between table pages did not work in Defect Admin. (ZEPHYR-31841)

  • Picklist custom fields did not display the value list in certain cases. (ZEPHYR-31908)


  • The response from "Get test step results by criteria" requests (GET /execution/teststepresult?…) included deleted test steps. (ZEPHYR-30701)

Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 7.3

To learn how to upgrade to version 7.3, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.