7.2 Release Notes

June 30, 2021


  • You can now open Zephyr modules, menu items, and other elements in a new tab by right-clicking an item and selecting Open Link in New Tab from the context menu.

  • The Administration > System Setup > Authentication page for Single Sign-On has been updated.

  • Additional events have been added to the Audit Log.

  • Overall performance improvements.

  • The installation and upgrade steps for Data Center have changed. For more information, please see Install Zephyr Enterprise on Nodes and Upgrading Data Center.

Bug fixes

Jira Integration

  • An incorrect number of requirements was shown on the Release Summary page if Zephyr was integrated with Jira. (ZEPHYR-30947)

  • The values of Single List custom fields were not shown in Zephyr in the Field 1 and Field 2 dropdowns on the Sync Requirements from Jira page. (ZEPHYR-31301)

  • An incorrect error message was shown in Zephyr when trying to find a defect deleted in Jira. (ZEPHYR-31465)

  • An incorrect message was shown upon clicking the number of filed defects on the Defect Tracking page if some of the defects had been deleted in Jira. (ZEPHYR-31466)

  • If issues were moved from one sprint to another in Jira, this was not reflected in Zephyr and the sprint name remained the same. (ZEPHYR-31513)


  • An error occurred when trying to search for a folder by using a ZQL query on the Test Repository or Test Execution page. (ZEPHYR-29130)


  • Mapping was not preserved upon copying a folder containing mapped test cases. (ZEPHYR-29695)

Zephyr Defect Tracking System

  • Defects belonging to a removed project could be shown in another project if they were linked to test cases of that project. (ZEPHYR-31042)

Test Creation

  • Test creation could take some time if the project contained thousands of tests. (ZEPHYR-31441)


Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 7.2

To learn how to upgrade to version 7.2, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.