7.1.1 Release Notes

June 24, 2021


  • The latest execution attachments are now shown at the top of the attachment list for convenience.

  • For security reasons, the email notification sent to a new user now contains only the username and a link to Zephyr. The password is sent in another email.

  • The password fields on Administration > System Setup pages now contain asterisks when the user comes back to the configuration page. Formerly, they were blank.

  • Improved ZBot log messages related to permissions.

  • The Predicted Fail and Predicated Fail Percentage statuses have been removed from the Planned vs. Executed gadget.

Bug fixes

Test planning

  • An error occurred upon clicking a phase in Test Planning when testing a dev instance of the product. (ZEPHYR-31516)

Internal issue tracking system

  • Sometimes, defects found in the built-in issue tracking system could not be updated. (ZEPHYR-31450)  


  • The Performance Warning message is not shown anymore when adding custom fields. (ZEPHYR-31324)

Jira integration

  • In Zephyr, issue links were shown incorrectly in requirements. (ZEPHYR-31237)  

  • In Zephyr, custom field values retrieved from third-party plugins were not visible in requirements. (ZEPHYR-31189)  


  • Fixed performance issues that occurred when interacting with databases. (ZEPHYR-30707)


  • No search results were shown when searching for tests or test executions if the JQL query was too long. (ZEPHYR-29502)  


  • The Traceability page was empty if Zephyr’s built-in defect tracking system was used in the project and defects were linked to test cases. (ZEPHYR-29216)  


  • A user with the Dashboard and any other project role assigned was not shown in the Select User dropdown when creating a Vortex job. (ZEPHYR-27088)


  • Sometimes, an XML file couldn’t be parsed and no test cases were created. (ZEPHYR-31316)  

  • Custom parsers returned wrong data if test reports contained multiple elements with the same name. (ZEPHYR-31328)  


  • Sometimes, Zephyr didn't start after upgrading to 7.0. (ZEPHYR-31483)

Rich text

  • Rich text containing HTML tags is now formatted properly when it is pasted to a custom rich text field. (ZEPHYR-30958)

Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 7.1.1

To learn how to upgrade to version 7.1.1, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.