Installing and Configuring 64-bit ZBot

Steps to include a custom launcher for your ZBot

1. Edit the "zbot_start" file (either batch or sh file depending on OS)

2. In the file where it says "zbotsocket/zephyr-socket-server-6.1.jar", replace it with: "zbotsocket/zephyr-socket-server-6.1.jar;lib/<custom_jar>.jar"

  •  "zbotsocket/zephyr-socket-server-6.1.jar;lib/customJar.jar"

In the batch file, this would look like: java -cp zbotsocket/zephyr-socket-server-6.1.jar;lib/customJar.jar com.thed.agent.ZephyrAgent > zbot.log

3. Save the batch/SH file.
4. Add the custom launcher class to the '' file and save it.
5. Run the ZBot and monitor the logs to ensure that the ZBot started.
6. Perform an execution to determine that the custom launcher is being run properly.

Please note that the custom jar file must be in the lib folder in the ZBot root (create the custom jar file if not there).