Zephyr Enterprise Test Management Add-on for Bamboo

Compatible versions

The add-on for Bamboo works with Zephyr Enterprise 6.4 and later.

With Continuous Integration tools gaining popularity, it has become essential for Testing Teams to participate very early in the software development life cycle. Testing Teams are typically undertaking activities in a test management solution such as Zephyr Enterprise. Having real time visibility of continuous integration results within test management solution brings significant benefits to the team.

Zephyr Enterprise Test Management Add-on for Bamboo integrates Bamboo and Zephyr Enterprise. This plugin creates test cases and publishes test results in real time in Zephyr Enterprise for test cases in Bamboo.

Installation and License

The Zephyr Enterprise Test Management add-on for Bamboo supports the Bamboo Server version and can be very easily installed via UPM. It is a free add-on.