Capture for JIRA FAQ

General FAQ

What is Capture for JIRA?

Capture for JIRA is an add-on to JIRA and includes browser extensions designed to rapidly capture comprehensive bug reports when testing web applications. It has both a JIRA server plugin component, as well as browser extensions.

What is Bonfire?

JIRA Capture (previously Bonfire) is now called Capture for JIRA. Learn more.

JIRA Capture (now Capture for JIRA) was known as Bonfire prior to JIRA Capture 2.7.

What Capture for JIRA License do I need for my JIRA instance?

To enable Capture for JIRA for your JIRA instance, your Capture for JIRA License needs to match your JIRA license. The Capture for JIRA license type and user count must match that of the JIRA license it is being used with. For instance, a 25 User Commercial JIRA license will require a 25 User Commercial Capture for JIRA license. Further information can be found in the licensing and pricing FAQ.

How do I set up Capture for JIRA?

See our Installation Guide.

What version of JIRA do I need to run Capture for JIRA?

Please refer to our Compatibility Chart.

Which browsers do Capture for JIRA work with?

Capture for JIRA extensions are available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Can I try out Capture for JIRA somewhere?

Yes, you can set up a free 30-day evaluation of Atlassian OnDemand and add Capture for JIRA to this instance. You can try it out there and see it in action.

Is Capture for JIRA available for Atlassian OnDemand?

Yes, you may add Capture for JIRA to your OnDemand subscription at

Features FAQ

How can I create my own variables?

You can create dynamic variables to use inside your issue templates. See our usage guide on Templates and Variables for more details.

Can a session belong to multiple issues?

Yes, as of JIRA Capture 2.1 (now Capture for JIRA), this is now possible. All related issues must be in the same project as the test session.

Is Capture for JIRA available in my local language?

Only English is supported. We hope to support multiple languages shortly.


Having issues with using Capture for JIRA? See if our JIRA Capture Troubleshooting Guide can help.