Zephyr HP ALM Migration Adapter

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Zephyr HP ALM Migration Adapter:

Zephyr HP ALM Migration Adapter is a unique API driven solution that lets you migrate your data from HP ALM directly into Zephyr deployment On-premise or in the Cloud. Zephyr offers dedicated migration service offering that can speed up the transition phase from tools such as HP ALM. Zephyr team will lead the migration process end to end, which includes - planning, prepping the environment, setting up the adapter, dry runs, data migration and verification.

The HP ALM Migration works with HP ALM 11.0 and above. Users can retrieve the HP ALM Migration Adapter from the following download page. 


Planning is an important phase of migration. This phase involves

  1. Determining HP ALM artifacts that need to be migrated

  2. Reviewing production, stage environments of HP ALM and Zephyr

  3. Optimizing stage environments

  • Determine HP ALM artifacts that need to be migrated

    It is important to acknowledge that not all the data you have in legacy system remains good to be transferred. We review with you, how your testing methodologies, practices have changed over the years and determine the right HP ALM artifacts we suggest transferring to Zephyr. This is typically one or two days of effort where we engage in a dialog with all the project leads and managers.

  • Review Production, Stage environments

    Not all HP ALM environments are configured the same. We undertake end to end analysis of hardware, memory allocation for processes, API throttling configurations, network topology etc. We engage with system administrators, network administrators and database administrators.

  • Optimize stage environment

    We determine which style of migration is most suitable for your needs. Typically, we follow big bang migration or trickle migration. Big bang migration is conducted over a weekend when both HP ALM and Zephyr are shut down for users. With this approach, we suggest at least one dry run of the migration in the stage environment before the live event. With trickle migration, we take an incremental approach to migrating data. We run both the systems in parallel and move projects based on business needs. With this approach a thorough analysis of data dependency is conducted in a stage environment.

    With either approach, we undertake at least one week of review, preparation and optimization of stage environment; this includes optimization of system that has Zephyr HP ALM Migration adapter installed. Full access to stage environment is required.

Adapter Overview:

Below section provides a high-level overview of communication between Zephyr Server, HP ALM and Zephyr HP ALM Migration adapter.

Zephyr HP ALM Migration adapter provides an easy to use HTML UI to configure and run migration.
It uses
REST API’s to pull data out of HP ALM and publish data into Zephyr. Listed below are few HP ALM API’s we use:


{HP-ALM-HOST}/qcbin/rest/domains/{DOMAIN}/projects/{PROJECT}/tests?fields=name,id,parent-id,creation- time,description,dev-comments {HP-ALM-HOST}/qcbin/rest/domains/{DOMAIN}/projects/{PROJECT}/design-steps?fields=name,id,parent- id,step-order,link-test,expected,description

You can learn more about Zephyr API’s at the Developer Zone .

Using our migration service you can migrate test cases, test steps, attachments, sub-referenced test steps, folder structure and much more depending on your needs determined during the planning phase.

Setup Instructions:

Below steps provides a high-level overview of adapter setup instructions.

  1. Download and copy Zephyr HP ALM adapter jar file on to a standalone machine that has access to both HP ALM and Zephyr

  2. Install JRE 1.8 or higher

  3. Allocate at least 4 GB of memory for the adapter process. Data is processed in batches to optimize performance and reduce memory usage.

  4. Ensure you can access HP ALM using admin credentials

  5. Ensure you can access Zephyr using Test Manager credentials

  6. Click on the jar file to run the adapter.

  7. Access the adapter via the browser and follow the onscreen instructions to kick off migration as per the plan.

Supported Migration Entities:

Up to Zephyr Standalone 6.2, Zephyr is able to support migration of the following entities from HP ALM 12.5 (on-premises) version.

  1. Projects
  2. Users
  3. Tests
  4. Test Attachements
  5. Test Steps
  6. Step Attachments
  7. Test Folder Organization
  8. Requirements
  9. Requirement Custom Fields
  10. Test Custom Fields
  11. Release
  12. Cycle
  13. Test Run (Execution in Zephyr)

Additional Questions:

For any questions, please contact Zephyr Support.