7.11 Release Notes

May 19, 2022


Zephyr Enterprise JIRA Addon

Conditional display of Plugin Section – based on mapping of JIRA
project to ZE project (Jira Server/DC)

Traceability Section

  • Support for sorting

  • Minor CSS issue fixes

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Feature Editor Section

  • Support for Comments

  • Support for Data Tables

  • Support for DocStrings

  • Support for Tags

  • Minor issue fixes (empty lines)

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Zephyr Enterprise

  • Handling issue related to deprecation by JIRA (Epic Links,
    Parent Links) (ZEPHYR-33088)

Bug fixes

  • Addressed the issue of license status being marked as used, even when
    the SSO user is logged out via session timeout. (ZEPHYR-33178)

  • Addressed the issue of dashboard user can’t be added to the Dashboard
    Owner’s (ZEPHYR-33177)

  • Addressed the issue where user cannot initiate the search on
    dashboards by hitting the “enter key” (ZEPHYR-33137)

  • Addressed the issue where Testcases are not updated when coming in
    batches because of the lock not getting acquired (ZEPHYR-33096)

  • Addressed the issue where user is not able to search for the disabled
    user (ZEPHYR-33175)

  • Addressed the issue where execution export was failing in SqlServer
    database (ZEPHYR-33113)

  • Addressed the issue where Requirement mapping was not seen in the
    execution export (ZEPHYR-33074)

  • Addressed the issue where data on import mapping window is getting
    erased (ZEPHYR-32562)

  • Addressed the issue of different options in release clone (ZEPHYR-32684)

  • Addressed the issue where user is getting wrong license count (ZEPHYR-33040)



Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 7.11

To learn how to upgrade to version 7.11, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.