7.9 Release Notes

March 14, 2022


  • You can now add images to test steps and test step comments by using the Image icon introduced in the Rich Text Editor of these test case elements:



  • The Jira Integration: Zephyr Enterprise app has been revamped.
    Being installed into a Jira Cloud or Server/Data Center instance, it appends the Traceability section to the issue view where you can easily see all the test cases linked to the issue with information on the test cases' release, cycle, phrase and status. Zephyr updates this table when it detects changes in test case data:

    If you install this app into Jira Server / Data Center, it will append the new Feature Content section to Jira issues that are mapped to Zephyr Enterprise requirements. You can use this section to create BDD scenarios quickly and easily:

Remote Issue Links in integrated Jira instances will become deprecated by the end of September, 2022. Use the Jira Integration: Zephyr Enterprise plugin to view and access test cases from within the Jira issues view.

  • New API operations to work with automation jobs.
    For a list of operations and their descriptions, see API Operations for Automation Jobs.

  • Zephyr now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

  • Performance improvements in the following areas:

    • copying test cases between projects,

    • the Global Test Repository screen,

    • the Details view of the Test Repository screen,

    • user login.

Atlassian is planning to deprecate the Epic Link, Parent Link and other related fields in REST APIs, so we recommend that you do not use these fields in your API operations.

Bug fixes

Jira synchronisation

  • The status of Zephyr test cases displayed in the Jira issue view was not updated when the test case status was changed in Zephyr. (ZEPHYR-32946)


  • The "Test Case Execution Progress" report displayed incorrect data if the names of test cycles consisted of numeric characters only. (ZEPHYR-32931)

Test Execution

  • When the "Include Anyone" checkbox was unselected on the "My Executions" screen, the "Change Bulk Status" command still updated the status of executions assigned to the "any.one" user. (ZEPHYR-32132)


  • Users with the Project Admin role and access to User Setup only could [still] view the Project Setup screen. (ZEPHYR-32854)

Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 7.9

To learn how to upgrade to version 7.9, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.