6.8.4 Release Notes

December 16, 2020

Zephyr Enterprise 6.8.4 introduces the following improvements:

  • Improved performance of the Release Summary page.

  • The Test Execution page now preserves the selection in the tree view after page refreshing.

Bug fixes:

Test Execution

  • Fixed: The No data present for Report Generation error occurred when exporting Test Execution data. (ZEPHYR-29982)


  • Fixed: If a user had a custom role with global repo permissions and a role with administrator permissions, it was impossible to remove the roles and assign another one. (ZEPHYR-30003)


  • Fixed: Zephyr showed an incorrect number of linked defects after defects were removed from Jira. (ZEPHYR-30023)

Group Synchronization

  • Fixed: A user group imported from LDAP or Crown could not be synchronized if one of its users had a custom global role assigned. (ZEPHYR-30349)


  • Fixed: Event notifications were not triggered in a cluster environment. (ZEPHYR-30387)


  • Fixed: Upgrade failed if one or more test cases had automation jobs with the Script Path longer than 1024 characters. (ZEPHYR-30470)

Installation on Linux

  • Fixed: The installation program set an incorrect value for the ZEPHYR_HOME environment variable on Ubuntu 18 and Oracle Linux. (ZEPHYR-27148)

Defect Tracking

  • Fixed: An error occurred when changing both the Status and Resolution values of a Jira issue from Zephyr’s Defect Tracking page. (ZEPHYR-30080)


  • Fixed: Test case attachments added via API in a cluster environment could not be viewed. (ZEPHYR-29984)


Upgrade to Zephyr Enterprise 6.8.4

To learn how to upgrade to version 6.8.4, see Upgrading Zephyr Enterprise.

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