Zephyr Enterprise 7.0 Bug Fixes

Audit Logs

  • Three login events were posted to the Audit Log if a user logged in to Zephyr via SSO. (ZEPHYR-27768)

  • Test case version IDs were shown instead of test case IDs upon clicking Show Data in the Data column of the Audit Log after moving imported test cases to a release. (ZEPHYR-30891)

Test Repository

  • The null folder was created in the Imported folder upon importing test case folders containing subfolders. (ZEPHYR-29789)

  • Incorrect dates were shown in the Last Updated On column of the Test Case Version window. (ZEPHYR-30874)

  • Carriage returns existing in the test step column of the imported Excel file were not retained in Zephyr if Rich Text Editor was enabled in test steps. (ZEPHYR-31070)

  • Test Step columns could not be resized on the Test Repository screen. (ZEPHYR-30576)


  • Project information returned by API operations did not contain any custom field values. (ZEPHYR-29831)

  • An error occurred when updating the test step status if test step notes had been updated via API without passing the status parameter in the payload. (ZEPHYR-31028)

  • A wrong response was received upon sending the Suite Automation Status API. (ZEPHYR-31188)

Jira Integration

  • The user name shown in the Comment and Description fields of a Jira issue (in Jira Cloud) was shown incorrectly in Zephyr. (ZEPHYR-30038)

  • In Zephyr’s Update Defect window, the Epic Link dropdown didn’t contain epic link values of other projects. (ZEPHYR-30093)

  • Sometimes, an error occurred upon clicking the total number of filed defects on the Defect Tracking page. (ZEPHYR-30916)

  • Manual synchronization of Jira requirements did not work in certain cases. (ZEPHYR-30916)


  • The message shown when authentication fails was unclear. (ZEPHYR-30466)

  • The certificate file uploaded on the System Setup -> Authentication page for Single Sign-On was not visible after a user logged out from Zephyr and then logged in again. (ZEPHYR-30941)

Email notifications

  • Email notifications were sent to the Anyone user that has a dummy email address. This caused a bounce notification. (ZEPHYR-30525)

  • The SMTP Mail Port field in the Administration > System Setup > System Config window didn’t accept zeroes. (ZEPHYR-30851)


  • Export failed if the number of exported fields was more than 42. (ZEPHYR-30708)


  • Mandatory custom fields were not marked as required when mapping fields in the Create New Excel Map dialog. (ZEPHYR-30803)


  • The data of the Plan vs Executed gadget exported in the Excel format was corrupted. (ZEPHYR-30899)

  • The hand pointer was shown over the last folder when drilling down in the Test Execution by Cycle gadget indicating that the user could go further, which actually was not true. (ZEPHYR-30953)


  • Sometimes, users could not make a release visible due to an error that occurred upon unchecking the Hide check box while editing the release. (ZEPHYR-30931)


  • Performance issues when logging in to Zephyr and navigating between pages. (ZEPHYR-31294)

Backup & restore

  • Large amount of TCR data caused performance issues during the backup procedure. (ZEPHYR-30948) )

  • Project backup failed if a test case contained custom field values. (ZEPHYR-30802)

  • Recurring backup failed if it was enabled for more than three projects. (ZEPHYR-30798)

  • Recurring backups failed due to performance issues if there were a lot of test cases and the duration of backups was set to 12 hours. (ZEPHYR-30798)


  • Test cases could not be sorted by custom field values of the picklist and text type on the Test Execution and Test Repository screens. (ZEPHYR-29837)​