Adding JIRA Servers

Adding JIRA Servers in Bamboo global settings

After installation, configure Bamboo global settings to establish connection with JIRA Server(s). Follow the below steps

  1. Launch Bamboo and access it via a web browser
  2. Click on "Overview" from the Bamboo administration menu as illustrated in the below screenshot

  3. Locate and click Zephyr for JIRA Configuration from the left side panel under Add-ons section
  4. Click Add New JIRA Server button

  5. Enter JIRA Server URL and user credentials. Note that the User Name and Password must be that of a user with appropriate permissions to project(s). Click on Test Configuration to validate connection to JIRA Server.

  6. The URL and credentials validation process will take a moment

  7. When validation is successful, click Save to commit the configuration

  8. JIRA Server configuration is now saved