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In Zephyr Enterprise, releases consist of cycles that exist within the system to assist in planning the testing. Users can add cycles in the test planning section of the system which helps to provide and define the series of tests to be executed and ran.


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Test PlanningA method to specify the scope of the testing efforts that include the individual tests scheduled including the resources assigned to those tests.
CycleA series of tests involved that are to be executed/run.
CloneTo copy a test cycle and make an exact copy of the test cycle.
ExportThe act of transferring data (test cycle) from one location to another. In this case, you are exporting/transferring test cycles from Zephyr Enterprise to multiple report types (Excel, HTML, PDF, etc.)

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A calendar based on month and week views is shown and can be toggled between these two views. < and > buttons allow months and weeks on either side of the currently displayed view to be shown. Clicking on "Today" brings the view back to the present time and selecting the calendar icon and picking a specific date brings the view to that appropriate day.

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This tool allows the user to: