Download and Use ZBot

Zephyr for Jira is now Zephyr Squad! Read more about this.

Zephyr for Jira is now Zephyr Squad! Read more about this.

The Zbot needs to be installed on the same server that the test-run result file is created from. After installing ZBot, you can use it to automatically pick up the test-run result file, relay it back to the configured Zephyr for Jira instance and then import the results.

ZBot Prerequisite

Please have Java installed where the Zbot is going to be downloaded and used. As the Zbot uses a jar file, Java is required to run the jar file.

The ZBot can be downloaded directly from the Help menu located on all Zephyr-owned pages in Jira.

When downloading the ZBot, it will be downloaded as a ZIP file that contains a the Zbot jar file. After running the Zbot jar file, you’ll have the logs files and then the ZBot properties file.

To start, stop and kill the ZBot, you can just follow the instructions after running the ZBot jar file.

Download ZBot

1. To download the ZBot, simply click on the Help button that is located on all the Zephyr-owned pages in your Jira instance.


2. After clicking on the Help button, click on the Download ZBot button.

This will automatically start the download for the ZBot ZIP file.

You will download the ZIP file and from here, you can extract the file to receive that ZBot jar file.

Start, Stop and Kill ZBot

1. After unzipping the ZBot ZIP file, you’ll receive the ZFJ-ServerZbot jar file. Run this file through your terminal or command prompt.

After running the file, you’ll also receive the logs and files.

2. In your terminal or command prompt, enter in the command to run the ZBot jar file.

3. Provide the Server base URL in the terminal or command prompt.

This consists of both the IP address of the Jira server (instance) and the port number. Please provide both to proceed.

4. Then provide your Server authentication key before proceeding.

5. Provide a name for your ZBot so that you know what it is for future purposes (for example, when creating test automation tasks).

6. After providing the name, you can now have the option to start, stop or kill your ZBot on the server. To perform any of the actions, simply enter in the commands into your terminal or command prompt.