Customize Roles

Zephyr comes with 5 default roles (Test Manager, Test Lead, Tester, Defect User, Dashboard User) but then allows you to create (or modify or delete) additional roles and decide which Department-level and project-level applications those roles can have access to on their account.

  • The default roles cannot be modified or deleted.

Once a role has been created, users can then be assigned those roles in the User Setup section. Users will have to be allocated to a project in order to log into Zephyr and use those specific project-level applications that they were assigned to.

Roles can be set up with the administration apps so that users with the role can manage the Zephyr system, users in the system, projects in Zephyr, and manage the defects administration section of Zephyr. To manage other users in the system, you can create a role with the 'User Setup' application selected which allows the user of that role to manage other users and their access/info in Zephyr.