SSO Setup with Auth0


Step 1. Auth0 IdP Client

Create a "Regular Web Application" in Auth0


Step 2. Auth0 IdP Client Once Application is created Navigate to Settings

Step 3. In Settings Navigate to the Application URIs Section and add the value for

  1. Application Login URl

  2. Allowed CallbackURLs

As and save the changes


Step 4. Navigate to AddOn Section and enable the SAML 2 WEB APP

Step 5. In AddOns Enable the SAML2 in the setting of SAML2 WEB APP

Step 6. In AddOns SAML2 WEB APP Navigate to Usage

Step 7 Download the Certificate from the usage

Step 8

  • Copy the Issuer:

  • Copy Identity Provider Login URL:

Step 9 In Zephyr Provide the following Information