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The Zephyr Exploratory Tool allows users to perform our tools' features such as recording, deleting, editing, and attaching screenshots directly within Zephyr Exploratory. The Zephyr Exploratory tool is an extension that must be downloaded and installed via the Play Store in Google Chrome. 


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Exploratory TestingA hands-on approach to testing which involves minimal planning to maximize the test execution process.
Manual ModeThe ability to take screenshots/captures manually by choosing one of the two manual options: View Port Capture or Fullscreen Capture.
Automatic ModeThe ability to take screenshots/captures automatically every couple of seconds by choosing the Auto Screen Capture.
Edit ModeThe ability to edit screenshots/captures with annotations using the Zephyr Exploratory tool options.
Existing ExecutionThe execution of a test case (test execution) in Zephyr Enterprise
DefectA bug that is filed from within Zephyr Enterprise. In this case, the bug is created via the Zephyr Exploratory testing tool.
Defect IDAn ID to define a defect in the Zephyr Enterprise system.

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